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Be one with nature

Experience the marine world responsibly

Our Eco responsible mission

At SurinaMarine, we believe in being one with nature. That's why we promote and sell eco responsible products for marine leisure activities. Our products are designed with a strong innovation touch and purpose, so you can enjoy the beauty of the marine world without harming it. We work with passionate individuals who share a love for the ocean and a commitment to sustainability.

What Makes Us Special

Eco responsible solutions

Innovative Products and Designs with


Nature lovers and advocate, passionate sailors, we are striving to change what we wish for the sea and help you thriving your way too. See our boat brokerage offer

Fair prices

Offering realistic prices balancing the high level of expertise and support with what you can afford

Temo France Gallery

Our K-Ren Collection
Reducing pollution in seas and oceans by revolutionizing boat maintenance practices worldwide.

Sailboat Top View

    Boat agent in Skåne, Malmö


    +46 (0)730 79 39 30


    Clean, non-polluting
    The TEMO·450 is light, clean, non-polluting, easy to use and to store. 

    This is the opinion of a user with more than 75 years of sailing on different yachts...


    John Pettersson

    Temo 450
    If it didn't exist, it would have to be invented! It revolutionizes our sport: cleaner, lighter, smaller for a small boat and Made in France
    Always attentive, always helpful, I’d give them 6 stars !


    I have a K-Ren cover on my sailing boats, this is simple, efficient, cost effective and sustainable for the oceans, just a great idea and product

    Michel Desjoyaux, worldclass racer

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    Calm Sea

    “Not all those who wander are lost.”

    J.R.R. Tolkien

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